The Critical Nature of a Pharmacy Technician Job

Few jobs are as under appreciated and yet so critical as that of a pharmacy technician. Without pharmacy technicians, a licensed pharmacist would be far too busy with details to competently perform his job. Pharmacy technicians dispense prescription drugs and medical devices, instruct patients and their use, perform administrative duties and record keeping which are critical to the smooth operation of a pharmacy.

The pharmacy tech must be able to pay attention to detail to ensure that drug prescriptions are properly filled. Mistakes in the pharmacy and create extremely dangerous situations for patients, and the pharmacy technician is in a position to ensure that these do not happen.

Thanks to hours of training, and certification requirements, most pharmacy technicians are more than capable of performing their duties.

In addition to filling prescriptions, pharmacy technicians do a lot of the administrative work required in a pharmacy. Meticulous records are required to be Of all the drugs that pass through a pharmacy and the pharmacy technicians are frequently the people responsible for keeping these records.

Pharmacy Tech Duties

A pharmacy tech is able to perform nearly all the duties that a licensed pharmacist does. They are a critical part of any busy pharmacy.

Upon completing training and becoming a certified pharmacy technician, a pharmacy tech is able to work in hospital pharmacies, retail pharmacies, long-term care facilities, and for insurance company pharmacies.

Pharmacy techs are trained to dispense prescription drugs and medical devices. In addition they instruct patients in the proper use of their prescription drugs, side effects to be on the lookout for, and to be aware of any possible interactions with foods or other medications which they may be on.

Beyond administering prescriptions, they also perform administrative duties. They often inventory over-the-counter drugs, put new drug supplies on the shelves, ensuring that the older drugs are available first.

Often a pharmacy tech interacts with insurance companies to ensure that the pharmacy is being properly compensated.

Pharmacy techs perform an important function in keeping the pharmacies where they are employed running smoothly and safely.


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Medical Billing And Coding: Online Classes Are A Great Advantage

When one is considering, medical billing and coding schools, one of the best opportunities to learning the subjects, are through online education. With the career of medical billers and coders, being in high demand, these days, it is good to know, that with the internet, one can educate themselves through an educational program, online.

Most all the programs online offer all the necessary requirements to be able to prepare for the certification exams. Many online schools offer an open ended study program, enabling the student to learn, as time permits, until they reach their goal. With the busy schedules of people today, and family obligations, there is not always the necessary, carved out, time to pursue education in a brick and mortar college. Within online educational programs, being as comprehensive as all local college programs, as well as, universities, makes the opportunity to further your educational goals, without a worry.

When one is actually going through the training for medical billing and coding, there are some different paths that one can take, as opposed to past methods. It use to be that one could be hired, train for the job, or go to school for the the necessary qualifications. It was not a bad way to learn, but with the age of computers, that all changed. More and more online educational programs have been introduced, as a convenient and flexible way to engage in furthering ones studies. There are many classes offered for the medical biller and coder, some of them are as follows.

Health Care Procedures: To know the ins and outs, of a medical office and its office procedures, as in how it runs, on a daily basis.

HIPAA Laws: Familiarizing yourself with the government laws that protect all patients and their records. In all medical offices, this is a very import act to know, especially when dealing with confidential matters.

Customer Service Skills: For the medical biller and coder to be working closely with insurance companies, as well as, patients, strong interpersonal skills is a must. One must convey tact and diplomacy at all times.

Once one has learned all the steps that they would need to know to successfully step into a position as a medical biller and coder, they immediately become an asset for any medical establishment seeking their knowledge. The shoes that they fill are very important to the revenue of any healthcare facility.

The Rudimentary Development Of X Ray Technology

What most people aren’t aware of is the fact that behind X rays’ power lay a principle of physics that eventually helped researchers see things that were infinitesimally small. According to this principle, a given form of radiation cannot be used to distinguish anything smaller than half its own wavelength; therefore, the shorter the wavelength, the smaller the object that can be imaged.

Beginning in the 1930s, scientific manufacturing efforts to improve the traditional microscopes’ magnifying power, up to 5,000 times for the best optical instruments came to fruition as several researchers across the globe began to use streams of electrons to illuminate surfaces.

Electron microscopes, as they were called, could reveal details many times smaller than visible light could because the wavelengths of the electron beams were up to 100,000 times shorter than the wavelengths of visible light.

With continuing improvements over the years that included the ability to scan across a surface or even probe to reveal subsurface details, electron microscopes ultimately achieved magnifications of up to two million times. This could be compared to the equivalent of enlarging a quarter to the size of a large city.

According to, scientists can see things right down to the level of individual atoms on a specimens surface. A related form of imaging that relied directly on X rays played a role in one of the greatest discoveries of the century. In the 1950s James Watson and Francis Crick benefited from a technique called x-ray crystallography, which records the diffraction patterns created when X rays are beamed through crystallized materials.


The work of many scientists paved the way for the exploration of DNA. Way back in 1868, almost a century before the Nobel Prize was awarded to Watson, Crick and Wilkins, a young Swiss physician named Friedrich Miescher, isolated something no one had ever seen before from the nuclei of cells. He called the compound “nuclein.” This is today called nucleic acid, the “NA” in DNA (deoxyribo-nucleic-acid) and RNA (ribo-nucleic-acid).

Watson, Crick and Wilkins less well known colleague Rosalind Franklin, used x-ray crystallography to take images of DNA, and the diffraction patterns helped them determine that the DNA molecule forms a double helix, an insight that led Watson and Crick to identify DNA as the carrier of the genetic code. But the chief use of X rays continued to be as a diagnostic tool in medicine, where they were soon joined by other exciting new imaging techniques.

A few years after Watson and Crick’s seminal discovery, an American electrical engineer named Hal Anger developed a camera that could record gamma rays, electromagnetic waves of even higher frequency than X rays emitted by radioactive isotopes.

By injecting small amounts of these isotopes into the body, radiologists were able to locate areas in the body where the isotopes were taken up. Known as the scintillation camera, or sometimes simply the Anger camera, the device evolved into use in several of modern medicine’s most valuable imaging tools, including positron emission tomography or PET scanning.

X-ray imaging continued to evolve as well. In the 1970s medical engineers added computers to the equation, developing the technique known as computerized axial tomography or CAT scans, in which multiple cross-sectional x-ray views are combined by a computer to create three-dimensional images of the body’s internal structures.

Exploring The Career Of An Ultrasound Technician

You can never deny the fact that the career of an ultrasound technician is one of the most high in demand jobs in the medical field. One of the many reasons why people are drawn into this profession is because of the relatively high salary. And when you look at in this aspect, you can say it is very competitive if you compare to other salaries other people of different work receive. This will ultimately allow you to have financial stability.

Before already talking about the ultrasound technician salary, let us first discuss on how to become an ultrasound technician. This is after all your ticket you need to be able to enter the world of an ultrasound technician. What is also good about this career in the medical field is that it is very interesting. You will be allowed to operate and use on different technology and machines. And with the progression and emergence in the medical field, you will never get bored. There is always something new to be learned.

Deciding to Go for Ultrasound Tech Specialization

The beginning wage of a starting sonographer is relatively high. If you compare it with other occupations and their wages, the wage of an ultrasound tech will really be higher, This is why so many people are engaged to have this kind of work in the near future. A starting wage of $40,000 yearly is not bad, and it can continue to increase twice as more if you just know how. The most direct and common way of earning a higher wage is for ultrasound techs to go for specialization.

This is not only true for this specialization but for other jobs as well. When you learn new procedures through specialization as well as garner experiences relevant to your work, then this merits for an increase in the salary. One of the specializations you can go for is in neurosonography or in cardiac sonography. This is a very interesting path you can take not only for the wage but for the growth in your career too.